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Liz & Sandro's Marketing Podcast

Nov 2, 2017

We can hardly believe it's already November. The holidays are right around the corner. Today Liz gives us a few tips to help you plan & prepare for the 2017 holiday season.

Episode 0270

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Nov 1, 2017

Google has been saying for years that websites need to be secure, that is, have an SSL certificate. It's the reason some sites begin w https:// instead of http://

Today Sandro goes over what this means, what may happen if you don't upgrade and how to upgrade if you haven't already.

Episode 0269

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Oct 30, 2017

If you're looking for a new way to engage w your fans on Instagram, we have good news for you. Instagram has added polls to their Stories features. Today Liz goes over what they are and how they can help your small business!

Episode 0268

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Oct 26, 2017

If you have listened to this podcast over time you'll know Sandro loves marketing events online. Recently he's noticed a few changes to the way FB handles events and today he goes over those changes and how they may help your small business' events!

Episode 0267

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Oct 25, 2017

Facebook has rolled out an alternative news feed they're calling Explore. it's slowly rolling out to everyone. Liz goes over what you'll see inside this new option from Facebook.

You can go to to check it out!

Episode 0266

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